‘Values, Goals & Barriers’ cards

A unique set of ‘Values, Goals and Barriers cards’, designed by Russ Harris, with illustrations by Bev Aisbett. These cards will enable you to not only clarify values, but also to set goals, create action plans, identify barriers and obstacles, defuse from unhelpful stories, develop willingness for unpleasant emotions, and much more. There are forty values cards which each a) list a common value, b) include a humorous full-colour illustration to help explain it, and c) just for good measure, include a sentence or two explaining what the value means. And there are twelve additional cards for purposes such as goal setting, identifying emotional barriers, dealing with values-conflicts etc.

Below are some samples of the card content. Note: These are smaller than life. Actual card size is 70mm by 90 mm


This e-course is for therapists, counsellors, coaches and other health professionals on how to get started in ACT.

It's basically a series of practical tips and simple strategies for easing yourself in gently, step-by-step, to working with ACT.

NOTE: it's a supplement to, not a replacement for, ACT textbooks and workshops. Also note: we include it free with your Introductory ACT Workshop

What it gives you is a wealth of practical advice, and user-friendly know-how, most of which you won’t find in other training resources.

Course Format: Your course will take the form of a series of emails to be read, absorbed, and applied in-session. In some videos, you’ll also be asked to watch videos or download pdfs. You will receive one email every 3 days for 3 months. The first email will arrive within 10 to 15 minutes after payment.

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