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This e-course is for therapists, counsellors, coaches and other health professionals on how to get started in ACT.

It's basically a series of practical tips and simple strategies for easing yourself in gently, step-by-step, to working with ACT.

NOTE: it's a supplement to, not a replacement for, ACT textbooks and workshops. Also note: we include it free with your Introductory ACT Workshop

What it gives you is a wealth of practical advice, and user-friendly know-how, most of which you won’t find in other training resources.

Course Format: Your course will take the form of a series of emails to be read, absorbed, and applied in-session. In some videos, you’ll also be asked to watch videos or download pdfs. You will receive one email every 3 days for 3 months. The first email will arrive within 10 to 15 minutes after payment.

Please note: we only ship books and CDs within Australia. If you are ordering from overseas, please limit your order to digital products only: MP3s, e-books and e-courses.

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