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The ACT Matrix: Six Steps To Flexibility


May, 2017: Two-day Masterclasses with Benji Schoendorff (Montreal, Canada)  
12 CPD Hours

The "ACT Matrix" is rapidly becoming the single most popular tool in the world of ACT. It provides a powerful and effective way to transform your sessions and help your clients improve faster than you'd ever have imagined. And Benji Schoendorff, co-author of "The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix", is one of the most dynamic and inspiring presenters you'll ever get to meet (and that's not just because of his delightful French accent!).

Have you ever struggled with case formulation? Or sought a way to rapidly present the key concepts of acceptance, defusion, mindfulness and values in a clear and accessible manner? Or struggled to pull your clients out of their minds, and get them into actively living their lives? Or grappled with the confusion and complexity of self-as-context?

If so, the "ACT Matrix" is for you!

In this 2-day workshop you'll get to practice the six-step approach to doing ACT with "the matrix". It's a highly effective approach for clinical practice - which has been shown to be more effective than traditional ACT in a randomized controlled trial study for treating borderline personality disorder.

This workshop is based on the book "The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix" and comes with a "Six Steps to Flexibility" e-book. ACT can at first blush seem complex and disorientating to clients and therapists alike. The "six steps" are a simple framework that can be used trans-diagnostically, across all DSM disorders, with individuals, couples, groups, and organisations.

The "six step" approach will help you maximize your potential as an ACT practitioner and empower you to better help even your most stuck clients.

In the capable hands of Benji Schoendorff, you'll learn how to present and use ACT in a simple, direct and user-friendly way that's incredibly engaging - not only for your clients but for yourself.

The result will be a profound change in the way you do your clinical work: increasing your ability to help your clients (and yourself) choose to move towards who and what is important in your life, even in the presence of painful obstacles.

Last but not least, the six steps will help you work smarter, rather than harder - bringing your sessions to life and protecting you against "therapist burnout".

In this workshop you will learn the key 6 steps of using the Matrix.

Step 1 - Presenting the point of view
"The matrix" as a way to introduce ACT and a functional contextualist point of view

Step 2 - Validating and analysing away moves
An effective approach to validation and creative hopelessness

Step 3 - The "two rules" and "hooks"
Experiencing the difference between what can and what can't be controlled, followed by a comprehensive defusion exercise.

Step 4 - The heart of treatment: "Verbal Aikido"
Flexibility training as perspective-taking, through seven simple questions

Step 5 - "Kittens"
Self-compassion in action - without the words

Step 6 - Teleportation to get unstuck
Using the power of perspective-taking to get clients unstuck and do what's important - fast!


About the Presenter

Benjamin Schoendorff, MA, MSC, is director of the Contextual Psychology Institute in Montreal, QC, Canada. An ACT pioneer in the French-speaking world, Benji is one of the world's most popular ACT trainers. He is rightly renowned for his ability to make complex notions easily graspable, his warm sense of humour, and his uncommon ability to transmit effective clinical skills to trainees.

ACT has changed Benji's life, and he now dreams of bottling the essence of psychological flexibility and handing it out on street corners so as to spread peace, love, and understanding the world over. He is currently most proud of the six-step approach to the ACT Matrix, which is detailed in The Essential Guide to the ACT Matrix.


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